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Solid Surface Showertrays

Design exclusive bathrooms with our Unique Collection of shower trays

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KRION® shower bases

Another important element in the development of exclusive bathroom designs are shower bases and trays. This element is of great importance in bathroom fittings, and Systempool, a firm of the PORCELANOSA Group which has developed KRION® Solid Surface, offers complete solutions for providing the maximum warmth and guarantees with this latest generation compact mineral.

Properties such as resistance to impacts, ease of cleaning and maintenance, its anti-bacterial qualities and non-porosity which prevent the presence of microorganisms and bacteria, and its ecological component make the compact mineral KRION® the perfect choice for creating solid surface shower trays which, in addition to providing hygiene in the bathroom, provide a modern, innovative appearance to the whole space.

Discover our Unique series of shower bases and select the one which best adapts to your tastes and needs. It’s time to design unique bathrooms with KRION®, the best compact mineral available.