Solid Surface Accessories

Discover our accessories for solid surface products in bathrooms, kitchens, businesses and commercial premises

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Krion™ kitchen & bathroom accessories

Whether to complete the design of the bathroom or kitchen of our home, or your business or restaurant, a series of accessories are necessary based on the type of room and project. The compact mineral Krion™ offers different accessories for the kitchen or bathroom which will allow you to complete the design of your bathroom.

Accessories for the kitchen and bathroom such as syphons and valves for taps, and other kinds of accessories for undertaking projects such as adhesive guns and adhesive cartridges which also have the great properties of the Solid Surface Krion™: resistance, durability, maximum hygiene and ease of cleaning. This series of accessories increases the decoration and installation possibilities in rooms as important as the bathroom and kitchen.

Discover all our Krion™ solid surface accessories, and don’t hesitate to take advantage of the benefits offered by the properties of Krion™ Solid Surface for undertaking full bathroom and kitchen projects.