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Krion™ Solid Surface panels

One of the most commonly used Krion™ products are the sheets or panels which can be used for numerous applications and sectors, whether for personal use in our homes, or in the professional sector in commercial premises, large public spaces or hospital centres. The solid surface sheets offer a wide range of possibilities for carrying out unique projects without limits.

The designs of the panels of the different series of KRION® provide an original sensation to the world of Solid Surface and a large number of advantages and benefits, whatever the place or space in which they are used. Furthermore, the large palette of colours and tones multiply the possibilities when combining elements and integrating them easily, whether with other materials or different decorative elements. Its non-porosity and easy maintenance makes the sheets of the solid surface Krion™ an ideal choice for undertaking any project that we can imagine.

Visit our product page and discover all the solid surface panels and sheets that we offer you. We have ten different series so that you can select the one that best meets your needs for creating unique designs.