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KRION® kitchen worktops: bringing maximum resistance and visual appeal to kitchens

PORCELANOSA has developed a high-tech material for use as kitchen worktops. Made of a mineral compound, it is capable of withstanding high temperatures and external aggressions without any change in its appearance.

KRION® Solid Surface is ideal for making kitchen worktops thanks to its superior chemical resistance. With a warm surface and pleasant feel, it is resistant to concentrated acids, stains of all kinds, and chemical products including solvents.

Because it is totally non porous, it can also be used to manufacture sinks that are integrated into the worktop.

Its heat resistance and fireproof properties allow it to withstand high temperatures.

Certified as food grade in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 1186 standard, it also has antibacterial and anti-allergenic properties.

Because it is seamless, KRION® stands out from many materials used to make kitchen worktops. The sheets are chemically welded to one another to ensure a continuous surface, avoiding the possible build-up of bacteria.

No additives of any kind are used to give KRION® Solid Surface its antibacterial properties, in contrast with other materials that incorporate a mixture of biocides. With the passing of time, bacteria can become immune to these added biocides, which is not the case with surfaces made of KRION®.

KRION® offers high design potential, thanks to its wide range of over one hundred colours, including pure white, and because it can easily be used to create complex shapes of all types.

KRION® Solid Surface is manufactured using eco-friendly systems, with no volatile compound emissions. It is fully recyclable and complies with environmental guidelines in terms of its long-lasting durability.