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Find out KRION® bathtubs: durability, resistance and comfort

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KRION® bathtubs

When creating a bathroom design for our home, we want the materials used to be durable, resistant, and to provide the greatest comfort possible. This is also true for the design of bathtubs and bathtub bases, in which all the aforementioned elements are obligatory when deciding on one type of bathtub or another.

In the case of bathtubs developed with KRION®, the compact mineral created by Systempool, a firm of the PORCELANOSA Group, all these properties are perfectly fulfilled, resulting in solid surface bathtubs which are resistant, durable, and which bring warmth to the bathroom. Bathtubs with smooth, rounded forms, bathtubs with geometric forms, and bathtubs with a purer, more classic style are just some of the characteristics of the solid surface bathtubs developed with the compact mineral KRION®.

See our catalogue, discover our products, and be amazed by the countless positive qualities that KRION® Solid Surface has, and design a fashionable bathroom with our solid surface bathtub bases.